'To perform to our potential'

Speech Bubbles' mission is to empower and inspire talent, to develop life skills, to encourage imagination as well as building an appreciation of creativity and the arts.

This is an invitation to join us as a 'partner school' to collaborate in the 'Performing Arts Challenge'.

We believe that by utilising the combined skills of the performing arts, by engaging in a total person learning capacity, today's young generation can be strengthened to meet this new millennium's challenge.

To encourage young people to gain confidence, engage in personal development, and to stretch themselves to reach this full potential, we are sponsoring the "Performing Arts Challenge".

The "Performing Arts Challenge" is an opportunity for young learners and schools to create an innovative dramatic performance. The piece is then performed at the Performing Arts Challenge Festival held in Istanbul in the Spring.

We are looking for 'partner' schools to help us host the festival and participate in the Performing Arts Challenge. In addition to performing at the Festival, learners may enter their performance for the internationally recognised Trinity College Certificate qualifications in drama and performance.

If you agree with us that learners can build powerful learning skills through creativity, collaboration and performance then join us to build confident, inquiring and inter-connected learners for the 21st Century.

If your school is interested in participating in the Performing Arts Challenge please complete this form: